Thursday, April 18, 2013

No Hope

I tried to run away from my new roommate.

It showed me what it really was. It revealed itself to me, and took me into its bedroom, as I was heading out the door. I don't know how it knew that I was running, but it did.

I know now that I will never escape. Whatever monster masqueraded as Brian to begin with has claimed me, and it has power that no one on Earth could possibly fathom without experiencing it firsthand. Wherever I go, it will find me. It will cause some intrusion to occur, and the intrusion will lead me back to it, and it will have power over me until the end of time.

It showed all of this to me, and I was glad for it, because it still made me see myself as its bride. But now I know the truth. It does not care for me. It is as unfeeling as the wind, which blows us all one direction or another without concern for our plans or our feelings.

The creature that has taken over my life will use me, again and again and again and again, as a host for its children. I don't know what it intends to do beyond that, and I don't think I want to.

I only have this blog, the last place where it has no power over me and my thoughts.

I have no hope left of escape.


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    1. Oh god no, please go away, please just let me have this one place to myself just leave me alone and LET ME HAVE THIS I'LL BE GOOD I PROMISE JUST LET ME HAVE THIS PLACE